The truth hides in plain sight
Invisible because you refuse to see
Lie to yourself
To avoid the image in front of you
As though denial will make it disappear...

Trade logic for tradition
Because its comfortable
And, look no further than your own lies
To keep each piece of the puzzle safely in tact
Never worry about how long it can continue
Or what wonders you've left undiscovered
Just over the horizon,
Beyond the shock and awe,
Past the guilt and embarrassment
Higher than your lies can reach
You could make it there,
If you'd just let go...

Your own words don't make sense
Even as you explain your faulty logic
the ground crumbles beneath your words
The landslide crashing everything you built
But you cloud your vision, hide behind shades
And call the brightest light known, elusive...
Elusive? An arrow blinking in your eye
Pulsing in time with your distorted rhyme,
So close you can feel its heat
Denied, for the sake of your pretense.

Quit the games. You're falling behind
Simply because the crowd hasn't figured you out,
But only a fool, fools himself...
The words are right there--blacker than night
If you'd stop smearing the ink,
Take a step back and focus,
Listen to your convoluted story
Get a grip on reality, take the blinders off
Step off the cliff, take the plunge--
You can't drown in this truth,
If you'd just take the chance....


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