Yearbook Memories

Distant memories of people past
Days, hours, minutes that did not last
Time didn't wait for us to grow
Life moved on so long ago.

Pictures fade--the words begin to disappear
Emptiness in frames hollow and clear,
Stare back at us in solemn woe
Life moved on so long ago

Bittersweet, the chapter must always end
A vague and beautiful memory of a friend
Of  a time when life was constant and slow,
Life moved on so long ago.


  1. You know? Just the other day I was thinking about trying to find a yearbook from my Middle School days. This gave me more motivation :)

    1. You should find it! I haven't looked in my middle or elementary yearbooks in ages. I keep the ones from high school with me though; in my case it's the same people :)



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