The Successful Blog

Everyone's doing it--
     or so it seems
And quality comes and goes
Like earthquakes on a Richter scale...

But its hard to stand out
      or make people care,
One person's passion
Isn't the world's rallying cry...

When it's hard to classify,
    it's hit and miss.
So we crown the blog
If it has a singular topic...

Hair, religion, politics--
     anything you can think of
Topics are a dime a dozen
And a dozen people have a comment...

So people tweet, share and like--
    they dedicate themselves
And in return they may get views
If they dedicate themselves...

But people come and go--
    they don't stick around
Because the topics change
And this topic isn't that one...

    give up the range,
Or let the blog write itself
And let that be the success.

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