Don't Quit

Photocredit: Tateisi
The end of the day comes
Hours upon hours of solid work
But my progress is lacking
And I seem to have missed the mark...
I'm looking at this failed experiment
I'm wondering why it's so hard—
Nothing about this seems impossible
But my results are always broken and charred.
So here comes that quite voice creeping
Singing soft lullabies in the corners of my mind;
He's telling me it's ok to cry, it's ok to quit
That little voice that wants to see me fall behind.
But I'm waiting for something a little less pleasant
That cacophony that goes against the grain,
And His voice isn't going to lull me to sleep
Instead He'll shake away the excuses in my brain.
He already told me I could do this,
He said I had only to try—
Never give up, never back down
Never stop trying to fly.
Oh, the devil knows I want to quit,
Tries to hit me where I'm weak
But God knows where to find me—
He knows I'll listen when He speaks.

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