Real Experiences for BHM 2016: The Family CEO

Today's #BlackHistoryMonth2016 post is about my aunt: Liz Bellamy. My aunt is the middle child on my dad's side and the family entrepreneur. She was also the first computer scientist in the family! 😁 Like the rest of my aunts and uncles, she went to school during segregation, and graduated from Durham Business College. My aunt has owned a few different business and several properties which she leased. Eventually she settled on owning and running Color Tile & Carpet with a friend (also a Black woman #BlackWomenEntrepreneurs). Not only is she a successful business owner but she raised 2 daughters—I also followed them around when I was a little girl—who also went on to be successful in the medical field. My cousins and I used to follow her around, playing in jewelry, and learning to do our hair. She made sure I knew that real women aren't just pretty or good at cooking and cleaning, but they handle business. #MakeItCount #MyFamilyTaughtMeBlackAndProud

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