Real Experiences for BHM 2016: In Service of Our Country

I always wondered if one of my ancestors fought in the revolutionary war... Blacks have been fighting for freedom for America (and against, in the case of those who fought with Britain) since before Blacks even had freedom for themselves. I can't trace my family that far back, but I do have family and friends that have fought in wars. My great-uncle Harrison Hughes and great-grandfather Ike Jackson were veterans of WWII. The deacon of my childhood church, Dea. Bethea Galloway was also veteran of WWII. My uncle Wilbur Bratcher was a veteran of the Korean war. My uncle, George Gaines is a veteran of the Vietnam war. My other uncle, Col. William Hughes is a veteran of the gulf war. Today, many of our generation are also fighting for us. My soror Danyelle Peterson is currently deployed and my friend Capt. De'Shawn Smith was previously deployed. Even more friends and family have served or are serving our country as well. These people risked their lives for a country that was never willing to even acknowledge or include them. #BlackHistoryMonth2016 #BlackSoldiers #MakeItCount
Photocredit: Ruiz

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