Real Experiences for BHM 2016: Trendsetters

Today I want to talk about trendsetters. The world often tries to put labels on what it means to be Black, but I've got a lot of friends stepping out of boxes. The first person I remember stepping out of the box is the sister of my friend Allegra Herring. Though I never really talked to Allegra's sister, I remember seeing her in the halls; she stood out as the only Black girl who rocked a punk/alternative/goth style. I admired her willingness to be herself (especially in high school). In college, Tasha Edwards was the first in my circle to take on the big chop and go natural. By the time I decided to go natural so many of my friends had already journeyed down that road, I had plenty of people to turn to for advice and support. Tasha on the other hand struck out on her own. She also has a fabulous vegan vlog ( After college I met Jackie Alexander, among leading student media, Jackie is an outspoken feminist. I enjoyed watching her step into the world of motherhood because she did what she thought was best for her daughter, not was necessarily "normal." These three women aren't afraid to stand out or try something different to figure out who they are and that's always something to admire. #BeATrendsetter #DoYou #MakeItCount #BlackHistory2016

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