God's Time is the Right Time

Last week God really showed up to show me that patience is important. Everything happens on His time and when you have to wait or do things outside of the timing you desired, it's always in your best interest! He proved His point not once, but twice this past week and I'm exceedingly thankful He intervened.


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Hey guys! I am back for #TestimonyTuesday. I'm sorry about the video quality; something weird is going on. I don't really have time to figure it out, because it hectic is at work right now.[1] So, I'll try to fix this for future recordings. But for now, I actually have two testimonies to tell you! They're pretty similar; they're basically the same concept. So, first, I was trying to pay for a mission trip that I'm going on over the summer. And I had filled out all the information for the bank. I was about to hit send, and I accidentally hit cancel instead of send! I was really annoyed, because I had to go back to the beginning and put in all of the information, but literally, as I was retyping in information, I got a text message from the lady from the church telling me that she had sent me the wrong information. So if I had actually hit send, then it would have gone to somebody totally different.[2] I would have just lost all of this money that I was using to pay for this trip! So God sent an angel to make sure that I hit cancel, so that I didn't send my money to the wrong place.

The next day, I was at work and I wanted to leave—I usually get off around 4:30, and it was about 4:15. I had a question about a setup issue, and I thought it may take more than 15 minutes. I could just piddle around with some other stuff and then wait until Monday to try to get this resolved. Or, I can see if it can get done in that time period. So, after debating it for a little while, something told me to just go ahead and try it. So I went ahead and went to talk to the person who needed to do the setup, and it actually did take them longer than 15 minutes: it took about 40-45 minutes to set up. So I didn't leave until 5. It turned out, the person I needed for the setup stuff was going out of that Sunday.[3] So they're gone all this week. If I had waited, I would have not been able to get it set up and I would have been able to do any work this week.

So once again, I did a podcast on patience. God is really showing up to show me that patience pays off! And that He is directing our actions.[4] So when you're running late or catch a red light, there is usually a reason. God is behind it trying to work things out for the good for us.

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  1. Since it was hectic at work, I couldn't extend my lunch hour, I wasn't sure what time I'd get home. and I was sure I'd be super tired when I did, so I went with the video as is
  2. There would have been no guarantee that I would get the money back if that was the case!
  3. For a whole week!
  4. In the video I said controlling, but what I really meant was directing.

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