Unqualified sources give unsolicited opinions
And there's a too in front of every adjective—
We're too dark, too light, too thick, too thin,
We're too tall, too short, too shy, too sassy,
We're too plain, too flashy, too modest, too sexy,
We're too smart, too dumb, too strong, too emotional—
How did you get in our head?

Confidence in self can only be born in the conscious of self
And you'll discover you're just right in every way—
Just the right amount of melanin, just the right curvature,
Just the right height, just the right personality,
Just the right style, just the right amount of class,
Just the right intelligence, and just the right way to feel.
Let that marinate in your mind...

So when those voices creep in voicing ignorance
Sowing seeds of doubt in the crevices of your mind,
Reject the negativity, reject the jealousy,
Reject the belittling, reject the hate,
Reject the images, reject the doubt,
reject the ordinary, reject the pain—
It's time to reclaim the thoughts floating in our brain.

Photocredit: Sanders

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