Limitations Won't Stop Me

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Derrick Coleman

Original Publication
February 3, 2014
Last Updated
Jan 16, 2023 3:41 AM

Spotlight on Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman is the first legally deaf person to play on an offensive line in the NFL. Inspiring hearing impaired children of all races, he has met several of his young fans to reinforce the idea that their disability shouldn't stop them form doing what they want to do. Yesterday (February 2, 2014), he helped his team win Super Bowl XLVIII.

Update: Revisiting this post in August 2022 to give more information on the impact and rationale for choosing Derrick Coleman I found that he was involved in some legal trouble (to which he admitted he was wrong) and has moved to the Atlanta Falcons. [3]
Derrick Coleman
Derrick Coleman


The reason I chose to spotlight Derrick Coleman back in 2014 was two-fold. Number one, it is rare that we ever talk about disabled people in black history, especially in the arena of sports! Number two, I thought it was cool that because he fits in to two minority categories (black and legally deaf) he not only served as an inspiration for black people but for people of all races.

Limitations Won’t Stop Me

I'm not perfect

I have limitations

But that won't stop me,

Discourage or burry meI will fight--

When my body fails

And everyone else is stronger

Somewhere, somehow

Strength will find me

Sneak up from behind

And tackle them full force

Because I won't give up


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