Let’s Have A Feast

Season 2
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March 17, 2020
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Feast, Cookout, BBQ, whatever you want to call it, God knew that His people would enjoy a good festival. He proclaimed 7 of them (and they acquired 2 more). Each of these feasts has relevance to how the Israelites became a nation, but they're also prophetic and speak to how He gave us salvation. It this first part of a three part series, we're looking at Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Festival of the First Fruits.

So he made them a feast, and they ate and drank. Genesis 26:30 NKJV

Definition of “Feast”


  • Exodus 12
  • Leviticus 23:5
  • Description /Instructions
    • Select a lamb on the 10th day of the first month (Nisan → March/April)
    • 1 year old male lamb without blemish
    • Kill the lamb on the 14th day
    • In Egypt they covered the door posts with the lamb's blood
    • Roast the lamb in fire and eat with bitter herbs and unleavened bread that night
    • Nothing was to remain until morning, but if it was, it had to be burned with fire
    • The first time, they ate with haste in preparation to leave Egypt
  • Connection to the past
    • Represents the final plague of Egypt
    • Death passed over the first borns of Israel
    • This marked the Israelites' freedom
    • Since this began their nation, it was considered the 1st month
  • Connection to prophecy

Feast of Unleavened Bread

  • Exodus 12:15-20
  • Exodus 13:6-7
  • Leviticus 23:6
  • Starts the day after Passover
  • Lasts for 7 days
  • Description/Instructions
    • 7 days of unleavened bread
    • 1st day is a holy convocation
    • No work on the 1st or 7th days (declared Sabbaths)
    • Offering given to God each of the 7 days
    • 7th day is a holy convocation
    • No leaven can be in the house or near them
  • Connection to the Past
    • Represents them fleeing from Egypt
  • Connection to Prophecy
    • Symbolically, leaven is sin (1 Corinthians 5:6)
    • Represents purging sin and being cleansed by the Lamb
    • Christ is referred to as the Bread of Life; since He was without sin (leaven) He would also be unleavened bread

Festival of First Fruits

  • Leviticus 23:9-14
  • 17th day of Nisan (During the Feast of Unleavened Bread)
  • Description/Instructions
    • First sheaf of the harvest was to be dedicated to God
    • 1 year old unblemished male lamb was to be offered
    • 1 quart of wine given as a drink offering
    • 4 quarts of fine flour mixed with oil given as a grain offering
    • No bread, roasted grain, or new grain was to be eaten until that day[4]
  • Connection to the Past
    • Represented their first harvest outside of Egypt, as an independent nation
    • It showed their trust in God that future harvests would take place
  • Connection to Prophecy
    • Christ was also the first fruit
    • He rose on the 3rd day, the 17th of Nisan[3]

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