Nov 11, 2022 7:35 PM
Original Publication Date
January 27, 2015
Simple RhymeWomen

A declaration of modesty--

The restrictive cry of shrouded beauty

While the other half flaunts bold brawn

Subtle, but causing us to fawn...

And yet we define a controlled look

Try to avoid lingering eyes

Treat ourselves like bait on a hook

Awaiting someone else's untimely demise.

Who are we to define such laws

When styles change just because?

Why should I worry and acquire stress

About the shoes I wear, or the way I dress?

If he can make me weak at the knees

In a pressed shirt under a suit and tie,

What hope is there for my closest's ease?

Anything I wear will distract his eye.

Post in response to a blog post called "Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings" by Veronica Partridge It has since been removed but can be read in this repost: https://blog.michaelhan.net/a-repost-of-why-i-chose-to-no-longer-wear-leggings/.

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