A Question of Faith

Feb 3, 2024 4:55 PM
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The Bible is confusing. Why isn’t it easier to know what was being conveyed? Why isn’t it black and white, clear cut, and easy to follow? These are some of the questions both believers and non-believers alike pose. I have met many who contend that if God is truly all knowing and all powerful, He would have left a message that was much simpler to follow. This line of thinking stems from the notion that it should be easy to enter the kingdom.

While the Bible does say “come let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18) and “study to show thyself approved” (2 Timothy 2:15), the main point is faith (see Hebrews 11). Along time ago an agnostic friend of mind told me he didn’t see what was so special about faith, and I believe that perspective is what leads to the above thought process.

What is So Special About Faith?

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