Solid Orange

1 2 3 4!
1 2 3 4!
Fight Tigers!
Fight Tigers!
Fight Fight Fight!

Transcription of Image

One family...
Two Degrees...
Three years this time...
Four years last time.

One orange...
Two life changing events...
Three dining halls...
Four point oh.

Fight for knowledge, 
Tigers know their stuff
Fight for victory...
Tigers never lose!

Fight because we can.
Fight because we should.
Fight because we are.

Orange shoes,
Orange socks, orange 
earrings, orange blouse.
It's taking over my closet
Filling up my heart and
all I see is beautiful orange
I'm screaming at the top of my
lungs and I'm enjoying the company
of all my friends...there's no place
like Death Valley; There's no color like
Clemson Orange. The countdown to 
seeing Tiger Town in action...
#SolidOrange #Pride

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