I am a master of silence--
I wrapped my silence around me
Spun it around my body like silk
Until silence bestowed it's invisibility,
Granted me this strange ability
To be seen only when I choose to be
Because it's easier that way--
I'm watching the world crash and burn
Pretending I can touch the fire
Knowing no one can see scars--
Skin secretly blistered and marred
No one knows, that I am the broken strings
Strummed on a broken battered guitar
So I pretend I'm the brightest star
Simply because it's convenient...
You see the words are there,
Relaxing on the tip of my tongue
But I have no desire to be seen
Or form bonds from words I release
Why should I break this silence
Break out of my silken shadowed cocoon
And tether myself to cheap cotton?
I'm half aware of some brilliance
Hidden here in the shadows
Kept alive by unwavering resilience
No matter how the shadows may hide
This presence is my hindrance,
Fighting to be unleashed,
Testing my resistance
But I'm not ready to make my appearance.
So I swallow back the words I know--
Words that entrench my soul,
Uncomfortable, but invisible in my cloak
Mourning the words of the visible
Somewhere unbothered and alone
Using my silence as my shield.


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