Cyborg Nation:

Spotlight on John Thompson

Sleek and slim
Robotic limbs and
   instant networks,
Disguised as ordinary...
We are inseparable
And I cannot function
Without my attachments.
Gadgets and widgets
    replace faces and places
An ordinary cyborg
Living in an ordinary world
With extraordinary components
Plug me in--
    let me charge
Then let me work
John Thompson is replacing Bill Gates as Microsoft's new chairman. This makes Thompson the first and only chairman of a technology company of such caliber [1]. He will be advising Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella (also a minority) who is a first time CEO. Previously the CEO of Symantec for 10 years and IBM employee for 28 years, Thompson brings 38 years of experience to the position. Symantec enjoyed prosperous years, increasing annual revenue from $600 million to $6 billion, under Thompson's lead. Thompson is an alumni of Florida A&M University, a historically black university [2]. Thompson is estimated to have a worth of $72 million dollars and also owns a 20% share of the Golden State Warriors NBA team [1].


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