The power to capture,
The power to grab hold
Overwhelm, excited, and control
All wrapped into a single note...
I hear music, beautiful music
And I can't help but smile--
The notes moving through air
Vibrating my bones and
Overtaking my brain
I am a slave to the song.
But I like that way I feel
So I crank up the volume
Lose myself in each passing second
Put it on repeat,
Because I just can't get enough...
I'm addicted.
Just like that, I'm addicted...
Maybe they laced the song
Maybe it's seeping with heroin
And I'm it's latest victim--
Don't turn off my music
I can't exist with out it,
It's my glass of wine
After long days and stress,
It's my puff from the pipe
Before going out,
Music is my best friend--
My ride or die, down for whatever
I can always play that song
And I can't go on with out it,
Just like that I'm addicted...
Yeah, I'm addicted.

6 Songs I'm Addicted To

Redline Tango - composed by John Mackey
On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men
Hot - Missy Elliot

1 Thing - Amerie ft. Eve
He's Able - Darwin Hobbs ft. Deitrick Haddon
When You Believe - Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

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