Chances We Take

Close my eyes
And there I am--somewhere
Blue green seas and
Sandy shores--somewhere.
I don't know
But I like it.

The relaxing winds
Watch my hair blow
As waves pass me by
As the sun journeys across the sky.
All is calm, all is well--
Until the sound of cannons
Breaks the peace.

Warm sand against
Quickly moving feet;
I'm rushing back to safety
To a place I think I know...
A little cave hidden away
Somewhere--my brain is leading
And I follow in fear
Of unknown villains--
Unknown faces, unknown demons.

Run fast and live--
Hidden in peaceful seclusion;
There beneath the waterfall
Tucked away behind shining rocks
In the dark of an ancient cave
I hide away. I wait.

Silence creeps on,
Fills time with images
Instead of words--
Sweet thoughts, memories, and goals
All waiting, all adventurous and bold.
Their emergence will come
Someday. Somehow.

Perhaps the danger still awaits,
The beach destroyed,
Water run dry...
But my hear searches for light
For calming water and warm sand
I don't know, but
Will take the chance to see.

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