Kyrielle Poetry


Kyrielle poems are of French origin and usually consists of octosyllabic lines (each line has 8 syllables) forming quatrains. According to Shadow Poetry, the accepted minimum number of stanzas is 3. Generally, the rhyme scheme is couplets with a refrain repeating in the last line of each stanza, however it is up to the author to create a rhyme scheme that works for them.

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Achieve the Unique

Rhyming is a tricky business. It can easily make a poem feel trite and childish. Using specific forms like the Kyrielle which not only adds a refrain element but also constrains the number of syllables for each line, adds maturity to a poem. The first few lines may be difficult to pen, but once you begin, thinking in octosyllabic phrases becomes natural.>

But Lookout For...

Be careful of what you choose for the refrain. Some phrases are hard to continually weave in to stanzas without repeating the same surrounding phrases as well. Also, remember if the refrain extends to the end of the line, you will have to continually rhyme that word throughout your stanzas (it would not be in your best interest to end a line using a refrain the ends with the word orange).


Radio Vibes (July 23, 2014)

Music plays on the radio
Vulgar words echo in droves
But the beat hypnotizes me
On and on the words repeat

Unnecessary, fills my time--
I get lost the beat on my mind;
And music wins, I suffer defeat
On and on the words repeat.

I wait for the breath of fresh air
The song that is somewhat aware
Of around us the world's deceit,
On and on the words repeat.


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