War Binders / Spiritual Journaling

Bullet journaling turned into scripture journal and war binders. Inspiration for journaling and how it helps me grow spiritually.
I've been keeping a journal for as long as I can remember. About 4 years ago that journaling turned into something more spiritual; instead of poetry and short stories, it started recording Bible studies, sermons, prayer lists, etc. During the month of May I didn't get to do much journaling and consequently, I didn't read the Bible as much either. For me the process of journaling helps me focus, but it also motivates me to want to study the Word. When I finally settled in to my new place, I was stumped at where to pick up. These types of blocks are common in creative spaces (even in Computer Science), and are almost always solved by going to inspirational sources. I watch a ton of journaling videos, and not just the ones that pertain to scripture—mental health journaling, bullet journaling, art journaling, and more. This reminds me how much I love to journal and gives my ideas for what to do next. Once I got moving again (last Thursday), pages started to flow easily. Before I knew it, I was at page 100 and I thought that deserved a celebration. In hopes that some of this will inspire you as well, I uploaded a video that shows the evolution of my spritual journaling over 4 journals.

Let me know what helps you get creative and your favorite way to journal in the comments below!

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