Stubborn Lies

A long time ago--or at least a lot of conversations ago--someone asked me to write a poem for them. I can write poems on demand, but they usually come out pretty generic. I like to write when the spirit hits me. Well, my friend, the spirit finally hit me to write one about you. Yes I know the difference between for and about, but the spirit of writing did not. (Good thing multiple people have asked me to write a poem for them...)

Stubborn Lies

Stubborn is my middle name:
I was born this way
   --I'm not always a fan of change
And I keep saying no,
Just because I can.
Yeah, I know its true:
It's right in front of me,
I'd be a fool if I didn't see you...
   --I can't lie to myself
I wouldn't admit to it.
I'll let you think what you want
And if you can't see through me
We'll just let it be.

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