Another Poem

Wrote this in a semi-conscious, half-sleep/half awake state. Not entirely sure where it came from (maybe whatever I was dreaming) but I liked it so I kept it.

Being Me

I always agree with myself,
Even when no one else does--
Sometimes I’m the only one agreeing
And its a strange feeling being all alone;
But no one’s given me valid cause
Not to be the me I’ve always been
So I can only conclude that I’m still me
And the me I’ve always been
Has always been the me I’ve wanted to be…
But what if the me I want to be--
The me I’ve grown up to be--
Is not the me I should be?
And now the me I should be
Is living in the shadows of the me that is
Wondering what would be,
Voicing what could have been,
Fracturing me in half
And, now I’m lost in between the two.

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