There's so much bad
It's easy to forget to see the good---
When life knocks you down,
It's easy to miss the hand holding you up,
And when your eyes overrun with tears
It's easy to forget how to smile.

I remember the people who hurt me
The insults I've been given,
The tasks I failed to complete,
The money I don't have,
The friends who've died,
And the future looks bleak,
When I go to sleep at night

But when I wake up in the morning
I put yesterday behind me.
I remember the friends who help me
The compliments I've earned,
The accomplishments left for me to achieve,
The best things in life are free,
And sometimes, it's just an honor 
To have known my friends at all.

Because for every day of heavy rain,
Comes a delicious day of sun
And for every heartbreak
A stronger pulse--
So if I should wake tomorrow,
I will simply be thankful.

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