There comes a point
Where everything becomes heavy--
Twenty ton dumbbells
Weighted across my neck--
Pressing down on my windpipe,
Suffocating me slowly...
I hear vertebrae shattering
Somewhere in my spine
And I struggle to stand.
Cast off this hopelessness
For something less fatal
--it feels like giving up
When instinct says to fight
But I can't breathe.
Gravity is conquering me
And I am powerless.

I've been here before...
Retreated into myself,
Relinquish the battle over to Him
Release the weights
So my struggles disappear
And even though you deprive me
--of air, of strength, of sanity--
You won't kill me.
I'm much stronger when I'm weak
In your world, I cease to exist
And you can't hurt me here.

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