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Spotlight on the Natural Hair Movement

Locked in an air tight box,
Put on display for the world to see
The Pride Tree is cut and pruned,
Kept at the height the world requests
Withering from the inside,
Its disposition becomes a disease
We begin to accept as nature
And we allow it to stunt itself.
Give those roots water,
Its branches, fresh air
And new life arises, thrives
Green in its unique leaves.
Remove the cage and it grows
Free and proud, tall and beautiful
Just like other trees.
Lauryn Hill
Solange Knowles
As of late,  there has been an increasing interest in the care and keeping of afro-textured and/or curly hair. Madam CJ Walker is widely known as the first to produce hair care products specifically for our hair. The 60's and 70's iconic Afro was probably the first push towards natural hair. It became synonymous with the movement of black political activists and black pride. Yet within the black community and outside of the black community, natural hair was/is often met with harsh criticisms. The current "Natural Hair Movement" is more than just a political statement or temporary fad, but a chance for us to learn more about ourselves,  as well as appreciate who we naturally are. Current natural hair bloggers and vloggers such as Curly Nikki, Naptural85, Chime Edwards, (just to name a few of my favorites) as well as celebrities like India.Arie, Lauryn Hill, Solange, etc. provide a plethora of information as well as inspiration, not just for blacks, but for curly haired people of all races. Learning to care for our natural hair and being proud of it is a huge step in the healing process of being black in America. Unfortunately, little black girls everywhere are still getting told their hair is inappropriate [6,7,8,9].


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