Sci-Fi Legend:

Spotlight on Octavia E. Butler

The fusion of ideas,
Blended into a world of possibility--
Uncontradicted and unheard of
Science and mythology combined,
Soaring above and beyond
The usual fantasy...
Jumbled letters and words
This isn't the usual story
And I'm determined to sort it out
Add my own flavor
To create some place no one else can reach
Somewhere I want to go.

Octavia E. Butler was a best selling science fiction author and the first science fiction author to receive a "genius" grant from the MacAuthur Foundation (in 1995). Her books were known for their blending of African-American spiritualism and science fiction concepts. Her first novel was published in 1974 and went on to become a 5 volume series, thriving in a genre generally reserved for white males. Butler soared to the ranks of best selling author from the disadvantage of dyslexia, by cultivating her skills regardless of the difficulty [1]. Awarded both the Hugo and Nebula twice from prominent science fiction societies. In 1998, Butler said "I'm black, I'm solitary, I've always been an outsider." She passed away on February 24, 2006 [2].


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