Barred From Entry

I use to see visions when I closed my eyes,
Whisked away to far off places and different realms
Where fairies were as ordinary as me
And creatures unknown to any other imagination
Ruled high, from thrones above soft clouds.
Colorful birds large enough to ride--
Wild animals only the strong could tame
Soaring above active volcanoes and
Gently breaking ocean waves.
The birth place of wondrous adventures
Twisting turns and brilliant ideas--
A priceless sanctuary locked away in my mind.

If only I could venture there at will
Decide to travel to that beautiful kingdom
Close my eyes and set sail through the mind's canals
Find the missing pieces of stories half seen
Or just experience the peace imagination brings.
Perhaps I'd stay there for as long as I could
But I'd always return to tell the tales
Put to pen and paper words of treasure filled days
And express the danger of terrorizing times--
Dabble in magic and mysticism
Give away--if only a tiny piece--
The story of imagination's playground.


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