A bird pushed out of a nest
Expected to fly or fall to its death:
Nature condemns it to itself
But such is life--
Unless we force a change
Give that change a name,
     A motivation...
Perhaps we all agree
Even as we speak in different tongues
We condemn the very nature
That condemns us
Agree to disagree
     But hold life precious to our hearts
Enraged over simple rights
We deserve and expect
Yet withheld by natural tendency...
Should the weak be left to die
Petty bait for unfavorable chance,
Payment for the strong's paradise?
No! We argue and we fight
     Promote value and equality
Be it rightly so--
But to what end do we play this game
Under the guise of moral laws--
Natural rights that nature itself condemns
This idea of good and bad
Right and wrong to be debated and critiqued
Analyzed and accessed to who's standard?
And if in the end,
We're here together,
All agreeing to life
What is it that we all condemn?


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