Shattering the Trick Mirror

If the world ends tomorrow,
I want you to know:
I see you,
I know exactly who you are--
     You never fooled me.
Behind that smile
And cleverly crafted stance...
I heard the words
     You tried to hide;
I painted the picture
     You didn't want me to see.

Such a waste of energy, hoarded
In this mask you wear--
That innocent veil meant to conceal,
But it's too gaudy to confuse these eyes.
I recognize every story, every lie
     You try to entertain
Like a storyteller for children
Naïve and unaware
But I saw the message
     You wouldn't articulate
And I connected the dots
     You thought you could scramble.

So if I never get the chance
To hold an unbiased mirror to your face
See it crack and shatter your façade,
I have to admit
     You tried too hard
Fooled yourself in arrogance,
Got lost in some ignorant fantasy,
And forgot to cover your tracks...
I always knew I was the one
      You wanted to make blind
But know, I see you even if
      You cannot see me.


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