The Curly Love Affair

I can't imagine spending a lifetime
Never understanding you,
Hiding you away in my ignorance
Unable to follow your twists and turns
And ignoring all that you are
Until I had forgotten you.

You may not make me,
But you are a apart of me--
An extension of who I am
And a reflection of my acceptance
Of the beauty I was born in--
If I spent a lifetime never seeing you,
I'd be blind to myself.

Your unmanageability and shifting moods
Tangled strands of split personalities
Annoying me without restraint
And I wrestle to gain control
Of this rocky relationship,
Out of breath, out of ideas
But if I spent a lifetime without you
I'd be magnitudes less than I am...

I've learned to enjoy your resistive charm
Relish in your wild unpredictability
And cherish all that you are
When everything is said and done,
At least I get to love you.

1 comment :

  1. Never knew a relationship with hair could be described so vividly. Cheers to you, as usual!



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