Heaven's Tears

I see the clouds come and
Watch the rain pour, wondering
     are those the tears of the world--
          tears of lives lost and hearts broken?
Chances we've lost amassed into sorrow
Fall from the heavens in systematic rhyme.
Pain and tension rising in the atmosphere
Until the Earth folds in her pain
     and the tears fall uncontrollably
One drop massaging one grain of sand
     attempting to heal the bruised blood,
          cleanse one stain etched in this land...
Flowers grow from her moistened crust--
The tears of the Earth replenish her,
She grows strong where each drop falls
And expresses love in the aftermath of pain...
My tears are part of her tears and
     our tears fall steadily,
          steadily drenching the soil below...
A pain, released in the shadow of a missing sun
So we wait for tomorrow,
When heaven's tears run dry
     and the healing begins.

These two girls express unity and the uniting of differences beautifully. They are truly wonderful poets with beautiful thoughts.

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