Heavier Than Steel, Lighter Than A Feather

They told me I was broken:
My arms unable to survive
And I heard them crank the saw,
Caught the glimmer of it's silvery blade,
Braced myself for the sound of pain
Readied myself for the loss of flesh--
Dead weight can only hold you down...
So I laid there, drowning in my own tears
Anticipating the loss from which I could not heal,
Time stretches on
And the sound of the saw fades--
I hear doctors' voices,
Muffled in my stupor,
I hear them talking, hear them plotting:
What to do with the broken human?
Then the poking and prodding begins,
No reprieve from my suffering
Not a moment of silence or an ounce of peace...
But for the sound of the drill
There above my shoulder drilling
And the hammering--I feel them pounding
What more suffering can I endure,
I'm already broken...
Tick, tock, I pass the hours slowly
Until at last the mayhem stops
And there hangs an unusual weight 
A tremor of pain from sore shoulders.
There lies something new 
A replacement for broken flesh--
My eyes catch the glimmer of green
Soft, beautiful green, glittering with gold
Caressed by the gentle touch of blue,
I see feathers flying free,
Hanging in place of what use to be...
Beautiful metallic wings, 
Crafted a top metal arms and metal joints--
Yet they move with my thoughts,
They bend at my whim
And I know, now,
They are part of me...


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