Out of Body Experience

Touch the keys softly
And let them speak.
The dancing of fingers
Coaxing the soul gently...
The soul bares itself,
Only when the body and mind
Dance together in perfect harmony,
Soft steps waltzing gracefully
Beautiful and unique.
Twirling across the black and white sea.
Hear the passion flow;
See the notes explode.
The vibrations of pitch lingering,
Fingers massaging an image
Just out of focus--
But the soul is there...
Dancing in front of me,
Watching from those ivory keys
While I strike gold:
Each note, each finger,
Listen carefully and see--
Fingers dancing alongside my soul,
And the sparkle of gold falling
Like tiny snowflakes
Gently covering these black and ivory keys.

A beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs.


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