Selective Understanding

People hear what they want to hear,
They understand and see what they want to believe,
Then they must ignore and reject that which they
     are not ready to accept or contemplate...
You can't make them realize truth
If they don't want to realize truth,
But you talk yourself blue in the face
     and no one can hear you...
Write the words on a piece of paper
Leave that knowledge at the finger's tips
And they will not read it,
     they will not engage in your conversation.
Simple thoughts are easy, agreeable
They require no effort, no leaps of faith--
People keep their foothold and relish
     in a false sense of security they call balance...
But it's all fake--some alternate reality
They've cultivated in the hollows of the mind
Plowed, watered, and harvested at best
     and these words are the weeds they expel...
Let them pass over it and repel you;
You can't force knowledge upon the ignorant.
But let free the words you wish to say
     if even when you speak, all they hear is silence.

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