Waiting for the World to End

I couldn't wait
     for permanent teeth to grow,
For school to start and recess begin--
Couldn't wait for middle school:
     awkward dances and basketball games
To go through puberty, to be an adolescent,
Then I couldn't wait to turn sixteen--
Get my license, a car, a job, and responsibility.
There was eighteen, college, and twenty-one.
Every day, a new future to look forward to
And I couldn't wait for a new day
Somewhere better
Somewhere easier,
Somewhere more fashionable than here...
     So I wait, while time passes me by
Wasted minutes turn to wasted hours,
Memories fade only to look back and remember
All that I waited for in vain--
Twiddling my fingers absently; idled and stalled
While the end creeps near, waiting for me.
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  1. This is great!! I never thought about how much "I can't wait for " we go through during our lifetimes. Very nicely put!





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