The Gift Time Stole

Can I be still for a moment--
Listening to the sound of the wind
How it passes gently through the trees...
Can I be still--just this one moment
Silence: the sound of the passing breeze
How it flutters around me with such ease
And I--helplessly falling to my knees...

A slave bound to time
Unable to be still
For the world will not stop
Work to survive--
     to just get by
But I'm looking for something beautiful
Something I know is right.

What is this stillness?
This quiet moment overwhelms--
Peace, like a lily 
     heavy in the morning dew
Peace, like the dream that always comes true
And I--still in this moment waiting--
Starring out at the horizon, blue
Waiting for the clarity I accrue...

Let go of time
Let it stand still
And when you stop
For moment passing by
The world is beautiful
The world feels right.

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