The Perfect Octave

The song begins slow and steady in perfect time
Notes leaping and dancing on perfect pitch
Echoing soft like the ringing of the chime
Beauty builds in the swaying steps that bewitch
Higher and higher; never faltering as they climb
Notes dancing--up and down, they move and switch
Lost in the tango of this perfectly written tune
The song begins to blossom as they croon.

How lovely the notes fall gently on my ears
I wait anxiously for the next note to sound
Knowing the song gives voice to my tears,
As if to the music my mind and soul are bound,
And a thought I never knew I knew appears--
The words from the notes formed to astound,
Amaze and astonish in a blinking eye
Overwhelming, but them I cannot deny.

Lovely notes, dancing--lingering in the air
So much they know about my inner thoughts
Like a clone of me, so suave and debonair
She knows the path created between the dots
A version of me in which I cannot compare
A version of me not lost in tangled knots.
Poetic and uncomplicated knowledge she states
And I marvel at this, these notes she creates

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