Pyschological Turmoil

If you knew the images you saw
Were simple illusions--
That the words you heard
Were figments of imagination...
If you knew your emotions
Were mere creations
That the anxiety you felt
Was all in your head--

If you knew...

Could you turn away,
Put everything behind you...
Then trade one lie for another
Put how you feel aside?
Could you fake a smile
Put the tears away
Then become whomever you chose
Put yourself away for awhile...

Could you?

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Author Image Author Image I love reading the Word of God. With prayer God's Word reveals so much: from comfort to temperance, from perspective to affirmation. Digging into the depths of the Word, cross-referencing history, language and time differences, is a passion of mine. In March of 2015 I decided to go back through the Bible doing an in depth study on each section I read. Eventually I decided to share my journal of notes as I partake in this journey. I hope you are blessed by God and inspired to pursue a deeper relationship with Him. I love reading and learning about God, nature, and science. I am interested in how it all connects. The Creator's fingerprints are all over his creation. We can learn so much about Him and how we came to be by exploring the world around us. Join me as I explore the world and draw closer to the One who created it all.
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