A declaration of modesty--
The restrictive cry of shrouded beauty
While the other half flaunts bold brawn
Subtle, but causing us to fawn...
And yet we define a controlled look
Try to avoid lingering eyes
Treat ourselves like bait on a hook
Awaiting someone else's untimely demise.
Who are we to define such laws
When styles change just because?
Why should I worry and acquire stress
About the shoes I wear, or the way I dress?
If he can make me weak at the knees
In a pressed shirt under a suit and tie,
What hope is there for my closest's ease?
Anything I wear will distract his eye.

Michael Ealy

Charles Michael Davis

Morris Chestnut
Post in response to a blog post called "Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings" by Veronica Partridge

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