Who Am I: the Revision

Earlier this year I posted a poem called Who Am I. It captured the a portion of what I was feeling, but there was something lacking. So, I turned it over for a critique on Poets of G+ and got some great feed back. Here is the newly edited version.

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Who Am I

I don't recognize her—
Red curls prancing,
Freed of brown straight jackets,
     scrawled upon the broken glass—
Rust tarnishes the frame,
Like the eyes peering out
     rust brown, bright but hidden
         those are not the eyes I remember...
Who is she?
Hiding in the realm of reflections deep
Because she doesn't look like me,
     talk like me, think like me...
     who is she?
She is strong where I am weak
But then again, weak when I am strong
If I could trade places,
Tag in and out like a game
     an hour behind solid glass
     for fifteen minutes of solid change?
If we shared this world,
          invisible but invincible
     together we are mighty.
But who is she?
I dig deep to uncover her
Pull her from the depths,
     trace the curling cracks
And discover an image
          from the pieces of reflective glass...
But I am afraid--
     if I push too hard,
     if I search too deep
This old mirror will finally shatter
And the girl behind the glass will disappear.

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