Thirsting for Knowledge

Not everyone wants to learn, but those who do, are blessed.

From an early age, I was the type of person to question everything; you name it, I questioned it. I exasperated my teachers both in Sunday school and in regular school because enough was never enough for me. My idea of fun at 7 or 8 years old was playing one of two games: a logic puzzle disguised as a Mr. Potato-Head like adventure game, and a mystery game that pretty much amounted to reading an encyclopedia. When I went to church I asked the questions no one else was asking: is killing still a sin if it's in self-defense?; why do people put lights and ornaments on a Christmas tree?, why do people give presents at Christmas?; how do they know Jesus was born on that day? (He wasn't, by the way); why does Easter's date keep changing?; why is it called Easter?; why is there a bunny and why does the bunny have eggs? ... I could go on for days, but I think you get the point. While most of my peers were happy to nod along or take tradition as the answer, I always kept digging and was often not satisfied with the answers (or lack of answers) provided. God didn't just give me the ability to learn, He gave me the ability to think for myself and the desire to learn which is a key component in succeeding in life both for the secular world and in God's kingdom.

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