Always Bless Your Food

The 9th testimony is about the blessing of food.
I was nineteen, about to participate in my first internship, and moving into an apartment for the first time (I spent all four of my undergraduate years in the dormitories). I had two roommates, both were just over 21, and we were excited to meet each other. On the day of the move in, we arrived at staggered intervals throughout the afternoon, popping in and out of the apartment to pick up items we'd forgotten at the store. Once we were all set, one of the girls suggested we go out to dinner to get better acquainted and have a good time, so we did. What we discovered first was that we had similar taste in food as we ordered the exact same dish. When the food arrived, we discovered that I was a Christian, one was agnostic, and the other still searching. This revelation came about when I stopped to bless my food before eating. That night when we got home both of my roommates had food poisoning; I did not.

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Many have and will conclude that I was simply lucky (though if you look at the other testimonies, it becomes more obvious that God is working in my favor). This is one of those instances that I was referring to when I said we must present God's wonder in a steady stream as opposed to sharing only one event because this is in fact a miracle. There are three possible ways that God accomplished this feat (to my knowledge, at least): my roommates' sandwiches were made first with spoiled ingredients and my sandwich was made last with a new batch of ingredients, my sandwich was made first and then a new batch of ingredients which were spoiled was used to make theirs, or God protected me from the effects of the spoiled ingredient. God usually works through people so the first two are likely, especially since God would know that I was going to pray over my food. Though being all powerful, God could have simply protected me from the effects. If one of the first two possibilities occurred, the fact that we ordered the same thing with no alterations, meant that each of us had a 2/3 chance of getting a spoiled sandwich and only 1/3 chance of getting the good sandwich when the waiter set them down in front of us. With only 1/3 of the group being a believer, each sandwich only had a 1/3 chance of the being blessed. That means the probability of the sandwich being blessed and good is only 1/9 (11%). That's not including the probability that we all ordered the same thing (there were at least 10 different sandwiches plus other options on the menu) nor the probability that our sandwiches were made with different ingredients. Sure, it's not impossible (of course nothing is impossible with God), but as I said, when you take into consideration all the testimonies, it aligns with the fact that God put His hand in the mix. Oh, did I mention that I've always blessed my food and I've never gotten food poisoning in my life? This is my ninth testimony.


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