Jesus, the Reason for the Season?

Christmas is pagan, but people still think they can make Jesus the reason for the season...
"Jesus is the reason for the Season!"

At least, that's what most of my Christian friends start saying around this time of year. The first time I encountered a Christian who didn't celebrate Christmas, I was in 7th grade, and she was a Jehovah's Witness. In the eyes of black Baptist born and raised in the South, being a Jehovah's Witness was probably the weirdest version of Christianity you could adopt aside from Catholicism. So when I asked those around me (Baptists, Methodists, A.M.E.s, etc.) why this girl in my class said she was Christian but didn't celebrate Christmas, they said Jehovah's Witnesses had strange ways. Of course, being a child, I wasn't afraid to be "rude" or "politically incorrect," and eventually decided that since the adults in my life couldn't answer the question, I'd go straight to the source. She told me she didn't celebrate Christmas because it wasn't in the Bible.

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I must admit, due to my upbringing, at the time, this pretty much confirmed for me that Jehovah's Witnesses believed weird things. I didn't understand what she meant by Christmas isn't in the Bible, because I knew for a fact that Luke 2 is where the story of Jesus' birth begins—"the first Christmas". At that age, I had my own suspicions about Christmas, but I hadn't come so far along the road that I understood what my classmate was trying to tell me. Quite frankly, I don't think she understood either, because she wasn't able to elaborate when I pointed to Luke 2.

The first time I publicly shared my thoughts on Christmas was on my person blog in a post entitled "'Tis the Season." I've not only come a ways in terms of expressing my thoughts more clearly, but I've also learned a lot since then. The truth is, Christmas isn't in the Bible.

Click here, to find the series I'm writing on this topic. Originally I planned to put it in one post, but the information proved to be too great to squeeze into one post.

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