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What is the purpose of this site?

Some people keep a prayer journal, I on the other hand keep a Bible journal. When I started my re-read of the Bible in May (from Genesis to Revelation as opposed to random chapters at random times), I decided to keep a journal with my thoughts on the passages I read. The journal contains questions, answers, and realizations that come about while I read. This site is essentially a public version of my Bible journal (the site provides links, references, and in some cases, more detailed explanations). Posts related to each chapter contain summaries (which I still encourage you to read the chapters for yourself), as well as a discussion on the topic. Some of these discussions may relate the passage to other Biblical passages or the present day, while others may look into the history of the passage.

What prompted you to create this site?

When I began keeping my Bible journal, my dad mentioned wanting to see it. I also had a desire to share it with my grandfather (who is a preacher), my cousin (also a preacher), and close friends. Since, I live 10½ hours away from most of these people, showing them the physical journal is basically impossible. I figured I'd put it online and not just share it with those close to me, but anyone who might stumble upon it.

What is the structure of this site?

You will find a menu if you click in the upper right hand corner of the site. The menu will allow you to browse the various topics and posts on the site. Posts on a particular topic (which may span multiple books of the Bible) are listen under "Studies," posts about different denominations and the church itself will be listed under "History," and my notes for each chapter in each book are listed under New and Old Testament.

Background on the Author

Are You A Christian?

Yes; well I believe in the God of Israel and that Jesus died on the cross for us but was risen on the 3rd day. As for many "Christian" traditions, that's another story. My posts under studies will give you a better view of what I believe, but in short, I believe the Bible.

Why Do You Believe in God?

This is probably the most frequently asked question by atheists and agnostics, and also one of the hardest questions to answer. Belief—not just in God, but in general—is something that is rarely measured in tangible quantities or qualities. It is just as easy for an atheist or someone with agnostic views to attribute a blessing or miracle of God with luck and coincidence as it is for a Christian to attribute the act to God. The non-believer will argue luck of the draw, while the believer will say God worked in his/her favor—the believer cannot prove God acted on his/her behalf and the non-believer cannot prove that God didn't have a hand in the act. So how do you explain to someone who has already made up their mind that God doesn't exist, why you believe He does?

I've been a believer since birth, and there has never been a time when I didn't believe or doubted the existence of God. I was christened in an African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.) when I was too young to even know I was in the world. I joined the Sunday School at the Baptist Church across the street from my house when I was 5. Thanks to the diversity in my family members' choices in denominations, my childhood saw me attend A.M.E., United Methodist, and Missionary Baptist church services. I attended a Methodist pre-school, and had a short stint in a Catholic after school program. By the time I was 12 I had a friend who was Mormon and a friend who was Jehovah's Witness. I was learning about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Islam—of which I would also acquire friends who were practicing Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims by the time I graduated from college. I think the exposure to so many versions and interpretations of God, gods, and life is one of the most secure bricks in the foundation of my belief.

When I was young, I often wondered about the passage in Exodus where God causes the pharaoh's heart to wax cold. Why would God purposely make the pharaoh cold hearted? What was the purpose of performing such miracles only to force the pharaoh into harsher ways and more disbelief? It didn't add up (much like many atheists will claim about scripture in general). However, after studying, experiencing life, and studying some more it finally made sense to me. Take a piece of steak and a scoop of ice cream; if you set them both on a grill for a period of time the steak will become edible but the ice cream will melt. Take instead an oak tree and bicycle. If a strong wind blows it is unlikely that tree will move; the bicycle, however, will fall over and may be tossed around depending on the strength of the wind. People are like this as well—we each have different personalities, pet-peeves, likes/dislikes, interests, and goals. Some people are easily offended or quick to anger, while others are easy going and difficult to incite. Some people wear their feelings on their sleeves, while others keep them caged behind steel bars. There are people who always need approval and seek to conform to latest trends, but there are others who pride themselves on being different, refusing to conform. It is easy to see how these differences effect our views and reactions to God. No one wants to hear that something they love, strongly support, and/or enjoy is not acceptable. When God told the pharaoh to let the Israelites go, the pharaoh did not want to concede, so it angered him. Instead of seeing God's display of power for what it was, he rationalized the events so that it could keep the Israelites enslaved. He told himself it was coincidence because he didn't want to give up his power, he didn't want to believe that there was someone more powerful than him (particularly someone he couldn't control and was siding with his slaves), and he didn't want to admit that he was wrong. Similarly, when we practice behaviors that are unacceptable to God or when God's beliefs do not align with our own, our instinct is to reject Him.

The combination of being inquisitive and exposed to many ideologies from a vary young age allowed me to seek out God (through studying) with an open mind. In the spirit of an open mind, I was able to see and hear Him without my sins and desires convincing me to pull away. I was lucky that in the moments I witnessed God miracles, felt His love, and heard His voice, my perspective was not tainted with pride and rejection. From giving me an inexplicable and uncanny amount of self acceptance from a young age to directing my natural interests to positive things, from a remarkable gift of discernment and ease in accessing people's character (also from a very young age) to a desire to help my fellow man even when I can't stand them. I've experienced the peace of mind that comes with knowing God, and once you've experienced that, you just know. I am also posting many of my testimonies for those that are curious

How Did You Come to Believe in Jesus?

Answer coming soon.

What Denomination Are You?

I grew up predominately in a Baptist church, though I attended African Methodist Episcopal and Methodist services growing up as well. During my college years I attended a non-denominational church and spent more time researching the Bible, doctrines, and denominations. Now, I would say my beliefs align most closely with the Seventh Day Adventist denomination, though I do not cling to any denomination.

What Bible do you use?

I have two Bibles that I use mainly: the Thomas Nelson KJV Study Bible and the Holman KJV Study Bible.

Why do you use 2 Bibles?

I bought the Thomas Nelson KJV Study Bible for my tablet, but was quite impressed with the added details (maps, timelines, etc.) in the Holman KJV Study Bible. Also, I like to compare the editors' notes to see if the match and how they differ.

Why do you use the King James Version?

There are many difference between translations, from seemingly minor substitutions of words to omitted passages. This table shows some of the differences between these translations and you can also check out this video suggesting the KJV is the most accurate Bible. I personally prefer the KJV, though I haven't been able to fact check most of the video linked above. I suggest you pray over it before deciding which version you will use. I also suggest you look at different versions as well, and research the differences for yourself. Here are other sites with info on differences among Bibles:, Translation Comparison Chart, What's the Difference Between Various Bible Versions?, Comparing Bible Versions.

On the Site...

Why do some pages say under construction?

Since I'm updating the site as I go, some pages are incomplete—in some cases this is because I'm only partially done with the chapter(s) relating to the topic, in other cases its because I haven't gotten to those passages yet. I apologize for the inconvenience having to say check back for sections you're interested in (or use the contact us link at the bottom of the site to let me know what page you're interested in and I'll email you when it's been updated). Also, the calendar page has a rough timeline of what is currently being updated.

Is the information provided just your opinions?

For the most part, I let the Bible do the talking—there are several passages that tell us not to add or take away from God's Word. In some cases I provide different theological views and may comment on said views. Any time it is an opinion, it is prefaced. All translations/interpretations are documented (either from the Bible itself or Biblical translation tools) and cited.

Why are comments disabled?

Most bloggers allow comments, and I've seen many Christian blogs with comments full of hatred. I don't want that on my blog. I don't understand why atheists go to a Christian blog just to start trouble. I also don't understand why so many Christians are un-Christ-like (well I do, but that's a topic for another post). So I disabled comments to eliminate the possibility of insanity beneath posts. If you have a question or constructive comment/criticism, please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

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