Real Experiences for BHM 2016: Black Art

Today in Black History: Art is the world that stimulates our senses, there's visual art for the eyes, music and spoken word for the ears, culinary art for taste... In the US, visual art is mostly "White art" the models are white, the painters are white, the designers are white. That probably explain why minorities don't see themselves reflected as standards of beauty too often in the art world. But there are tons of Black artists--i know because my parents have stacked our house with Black art and African art; this meant I grew up seeing beauty from a Black perspective not a Euro-centric perspective. So today I'm shouting out the Black artists in my timeline. I've been admiring Rachel Burroughs Johnson's artwork since we were in like 3rd grade! I imagine when I get a house I will be trying to buy a Rachel original masterpiece for my living room.😁 Eboni Colbert and her mom Patricia Colbert are also known to put some beauty on paper or canvas (Pat is also working some art magic on hair and we all know Black hair is one of the most widely used canvases for art in our community). Jordan H. Manigo is a graphic designer--I've seen tons of awesome art pop up on his facebook page. No doubt if I was to create a startup, this is the guy I would call for logo design. Loren Chestnut is rocking out the world of calligraphy; if you have a fancy occasion she's definitely the person to check with. We're a stronger community when we support each other, but we're also a stronger community when our ideals of beauty are reflected in art. It doesn't have be that the artist is only painting African ideals, but simply that they are in the position to effect the art (probably would have been good if Sony had a black person there when they created that white/black psp ad 😑). #BlackArtistsAreFabulous #SupportOurCommunity #BlackHistoryMonth2016 #MakeItCount

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