Real Experiences for BHM 2016

This Black History Month, I'm writing my posts on Facebook, then copying them to the blog; as such, you'll notice that they are less formal, may reference "tagging", and are a bit obnoxious with hashtags. I want to do something a little different. I think one of the problems in our country is that Black history is synonymous with the past and with slavery to most. I really want to go into a more personal level and like my post this morning, I want to highlight people making a difference everyday. People I've met, talked to, and been inspired by. So, this year for my daily spotlights I want to brag on y'all. If I don't post about you, it's not because you aren't awesome, it's because there's only 28 days in February (29 this year!!), and I'm a graduate student, so I can't just post until run out of friends and family... Hope you enjoy.

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