When It Rains, It Pours

Testimony #15, God keeps me dry.
Every time it rains, God spares me the trouble of sloshing through the day in soggy clothes. I expected to be caught by the rain now that I live in South Florida, since rain seems to be an every other day occurrence. Sometimes I wake up and it's already raining, but by the time I'm ready to leave for the office, the rain has stopped. Other times, I wake up and it's merely cloudy. I'll rush to get ready, hop in the car and pray that the sky will wait for me to make it inside before unleashing it's contents. Every time, within minutes of stepping into the office the downpour begins. Perhaps it's lunchtime and I step out for food; the rain will start right when I get back to work. When I leave at the end of the day (like today), the sky will be dark with angry clouds and for a moment I'll fret about not having an umbrella. I'll opt for the stairs (because they're faster than the elevator), speed walk through the hall and leap into the car only moments before a downpour. Miraculously, this downpour is always localized and moving just slow enough for me to beat it to my apartment. I can't remember the last time I was stuck running through the rain, despite the fact it rains almost everyday here!

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What's funniest about this is that when I altered my God-given curly hair and attempted to wear it straight—a style that is destined for failure the moment moisture hits it—I was always caught in the rain. I don't necessarily think God was reminding me that He created me that way for a reason, though it could be part of it. I really started to notice Him saving me from downpours (I'm not talking about those light drizzles), after I started re-reading the Word in the manner described on this blog. Once I started really seeking God out and keeping the Sabbath, it seems as though He's been protecting me from literal storms. I guess He knows that I think soggy socks are the worst.

This may not be one of the most profound testimonies but it happens so frequently I had to share it. In just the past 3 days, it's happened twice and in the past week about 4 times. It rains somewhere between approximately 136 and 145 days a year here on average[1] and I can only remember being caught in the rain once (I'm pretty sure it was before I started re-reading, too). There's no way I just luck out every time it rains. I'm sharing this testimony because God is consistently acting as an umbrella for me.


  1. "Average Yearly Rainfall in Florida". Current Results. 2016

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