1 Chronicles 22: David Prepares Solomon to Build the Temple

David does what he can to insure his son is well prepared to take up the mantle and build the Temple. This is a lesson for parents everywhere.


David doesn't let God's decision that he would not be the one to build the Temple deflect his dedication to the task. Instead, David does what he can to insure his son is well prepared to take up the mantle and build the Temple. This is a lesson for parents everywhere.

David's Actions

David collects wood, iron, and brass, so that the materials will be ready when Solomon takes the throne. Many of these materials are garnered from his military conquests. Clearly David didn't want anything hindering or delaying Solomon's ability to construct the Temple. This proves that David didn't just want to be the person who built God a home, but he wanted God to have a home. Many of us would have went our own way after learning that the honor wouldn't fall on us, but David continued working toward God's Will.

Not only does David stockpile these materials, he leaves instructions to Solomon and explains to the duty his son has to carry out the construction of the Temple. David also instructed the princes of the nation to cooperate with Solomon when the time came; he wasn't leaving anything to change! God promised to give Solomon rest from Israel's enemies so that his reign would be peaceful, unlike David's. This would make Solomon a man of peace and free up more men to build the Temple.

The Lesson

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There are many blessings that take generations to be realized. For instance, Harriet Tubman saved some slaves, but she could save them all. Sometimes we make decisions that do not effect us, but will effect our children. As we grow old, we can chose to take on life insurance or not, and if we choose not to, we can put our children in debt.

David knew that building a home for God was important and that his son would be called to carry out the duty. David could have taken the spoils of war he won and done anything he wanted to with the wealth. However, David knew that this would leave his son scrambling before the Lord. In doing this, he wouldn't just be cheating his son, he would be cheating God. We have a responsibility to our youth to prepare them for the call God has for them. Sometimes this mean monetarily, but sometimes it just means educating and preparing them for a relationship with God.


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