I was ripped from my mother's womb—
Or maybe she gave me up...

Left to fend for myself with the man who raped her
He took pleasure in breaking her,
Invaded her heart, stole the diamonds from her eyes...
Settled his debts and paid his way in her blood,
Then cast her aside to die...

He stole her from me

And I see her begin to fade...
I can't remember the sound of her laugh
The smell of her breath
The feel of her heartbeat sustaining mine...
And when I look in the mirror I see him
Because he raised me,
But to hate him is to hate me.

I have his eyes, his nose and his lips
I walk like him and talk like him
I even hate her like him...

I thought I'd lost myself, But there never was a me to lose...
I'm just a gear in a machine he'll never claim.
Set to work until my purpose runs out,
Til' my usefulness fades
And he can replace me with someone new...
Some other motherless child

I wish I could be more like her.

I wish I could dance
To the rhythm of her heartbeat
Talk, with the cadence of her walk
Smell of her favorite flowers and perfumes...
I wish I could wear those diamonds from her eyes
And look upon myself as something to pride...

I wish I could find my way home,
That is, I wish I had a home to find

It was after listening to this song that I found the words I couldn't get out.


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