Foodie Jargon

This page will contain words and phrases to help you navigate the food world. I'll also define a lot of the "diets" people are on (pescatarian vs. vegetarian vs. vegan). Even if you eat any and everything, it's good to know about other's dietary needs if you're planning or hosting an event. I know it can be confusing, so as I find new words/phrases (and find time) I'll be updating this page!

Diets and Lifestyles

Name What is eaten
Halal Halal food meets the dietary restrictions from the Qu'ran. You can read more about Halal here.
Kosher Kosher food meets the dietary restrictions laid out in the Bible (plus a few additional rules). Unclean meats such as pork and shellfish are not consumed. Dairy and meat are not allowed to be consumed together. You can read up on the more intricate details here.
Raw Vegan Same basic restrictions as vegans, but raw vegans only eat uncooked meals so no grains or veggies that must be cooked)
Pescitarian The only meat they eat is seafood
Vegan No meat and no animal byproducts (for many this will include honey since it's made by bees)
Vegetarian No meat (for many vegetarians this will also mean no broths made from meat nor veggies cooked in meat)

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